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Velvet Mud Refining Cleanser


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This customizable, creamy 3-in-1 "Dirt Magnet" gently harnesses nutrient dense, grounding earth minerals that cleanse, detoxify, and exfoliate creating brighter, smoother, and velvety soft skin without stripping.

The antimicrobial Activated Charcoal removes toxins and chemicals to deeply unclog pores, Pumice gently exfoliates dead cells to resurface skin and restore tone and vibrancy, and powerhouse Glacial Marine Clay packed with over 60 anti-inflammatories balances the skin, tightens and minimizes pores, reduces sebum, and adds hydration.  Together with soothing Willow Bark and the powerful antioxidants of Grapeseed Oil and Witch Hazel your skin is clean, clear, protected, and luminous and your spirit grounded.

This unique formula recognizes the changing daily needs of the skin and invites a customizable experience with water being the catalyst for a lighter cleanse, a deeper exfoliation, or a 60 second flash mask.  Products applied after can more deeply penetrate, and this is an excellent everyday cleanser for problematic, oily skin, and combination skin.


  • Cleanses and Detoxifies
  • Brightens
  • Deeply Softens 
  • Smoothes Texture
  • Replenishing of Vital Nutrients
  • Supports Cellular Turnover to Soften Fine Lines.


*Oily/Problematic skin use 1-2x/day, normal/combo 1x/day, and dry skin as needed for a deeper cleanse.  Although made for sensitive skin, go slow and gentle. 

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