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The Friendly Vegan Cookbook


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Eating vegan doesn't have to mean a lifetime of bland veggie burgers and boring salads—nor does it have to make every shared meal a source of stress. As all plant-based cooks know, when it comes time to please a crowd, the pressure in on. You want to serve delicious, memorable dishes, and you're also well-aware that many will be skeptical of vegan food measuring up to their favorites.

Enter Michelle Cehn and Toni Okamoto, longtime friends and two of the most trusted figures in the online vegan community. Through their popular food blogs, videos, podcast, and cookbooks, the two have helped millions of people make living vegan easy, fun, and delicious. Michelle and Toni share 100 amazing recipes for satisfying meals, snacks, and treats, designed for both the veggie-curious and longtime vegans looking for a trusted recipe resource. 

In The Friendly Vegan Cookbook: 100 Essential Recipes to Share with Vegans and Omnivores Alike, you'll find rigorously tested, no-fail recipes including favorites such as:

   • Fettuccine Alfredo
   • Sushi
   • Pot Pie
   • Breakfast Burritos
   • Pop Tarts
   • Chocolate Mousse
   • Cinnamon Rolls
   • Mac 'n' Cheese
   • Corn Chowder
   • Chewy Brownies

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