Dawn Russell

The 8Greens Cookbook: The Simple Way to Get Your Greens


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Dawn Russell had a family that did not want to eat its greens—sound familiar? So she developed 8GREENS: a dissolvable tablet containing a blend of spinach, kale, spirulina, blue-green algae, barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella and aloe vera that tastes great and passed the test of her husband and two children. She worked with five chemists, three manufacturers and 263 prototypes to get a thumbs-up from this very picky, but very normal, focus group sitting in her own kitchen. The 8G Cookbook contains more than 40 delicious recipes that all incorporate an 8Greens tablet to make everyday cooking taste fantastic and ensure that you, and those you love, are getting the most important green ingredients into your diet. It also features Dawn’s own inspiring story and the hard-earned knowledge she gathered along the way. Diagnosed with stage 3 lymphatic cancer at 25, Dawn traveled the world meeting medical and nutritional experts on her journey back to health. It was this research and personal experience that led her to develop this mix of what she found to be the most important greens for internal health. The 8G Cookbook is the easy and delicious way to get everyone on the path to a green, happy and healthy life. Dawn chose a soft cover and a traditional Japanese binding for the book, as the exposed spine helps the book to lay flat and makes it more practical for cooking. This binding is even stronger as it has both sewn binding and perfect binding (the glue on the spine) in one. Includes U.S. measures. 8Greens tablets sold separately.

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