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MATCHAFUL : Hikari Matcha


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Single-Origin | Ceremonial Grade | Hand-Picked Tea Leaves

While many matcha products are matcha blends or mixed with green tea, Matchaful’s single-origin matcha is the real deal. The powder is 100% authentic matcha, ground from first-harvest tea leaves grown on a single farm.

Matcha grows through the winter, and for the final 3-4 weeks of growth, it’s shaded — this is part of the traditional matcha-making process that gives matcha its umami flavor and rich green color. What’s unique about this matcha is that it’s grown in a really special way: we know the exact farm that provided 100% of the matcha in this tin (aka it’s not a blend), and the necessary shade is provided by solar panels that generate power for nearby cities. Plus, it's pesticide-free and only uses organic food scraps as organic fertilizer that is produced by the local community to maintain a closed-loop system.

Key Benefits:

+ High concentration of chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier and liver-cleanser

+ High concentration of L-theanine.

+ Can calm the mind and improve focus.

+ 34mg of caffeine per cup provide an energy boost without the crash

+ Packed with EGCg, which has been linked to faster metabolism, brain health, and reduced risk of cancer and diabetes

+ It’s delicious!

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