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HAPPINESS TONIC: Dopamine, Serotonin and Stress Relief


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Mood Booster | High Potency Tonic | High Bio-availability

Our Happiness tonic is everything you need to feel at peace. It may help stabilize hormone function, serotonin and dopamine, as well as provide a soothing effect on the nervous system. Our formula is a mix of adaptogens, such as rhodiola and ashwagandha, with powerfully supporting “happy herbs” like St. John’s wort, mucuna and albizzia. These herbs together create a synergistic powerhouse that can help relieve stress, anxiety, and mood slumps. 

Key Benefits:

+ May help regulate mood and cognition.*

+ May help to uplift mood and energy.

+ Can aid in overcoming chronic stress.*

+ May help with PTSD, including anxiety and stress.*

+ Due to its adaptogenic nature, it supports adrenal function.* 

Folk Uses: 

Humans have consumed medicinals like St. Johns Wort, Albizia, and Mucuna Pruriens for depression and anxiety-like symptoms for centuries. In rainforest traditions for example, Mucuna and Cacao, have been used as natural remedies for depression and anxiety since ancient times. 

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