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Artisanal Blanket | Herringbone Gray (Large Motif)


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A versatile design item for and minimalist lifestyle, our artisanal Thick Cotton Herringbone Weave Large Blankets are a perfect accompaniment to the:

  • Couch/Sofa
  • Armchair
  • Bed
  • Outdoor Space

100% cotton artisanal product with a rich history in the Mediterranean, our throw blankets are made on semi-mechanic looms, and the fringes hand rolled.

Our Mission: Balthazar & Rose is a social enterprise that strives to bring beautiful, simple, useful gifts from the East to the West. Our mission is to make a positive impact by bridging cultural divides with products that are socially responsible and embody powerful significance: working directly with artisans, protecting the cultural heritage of ancient products and providing economic opportunity for people on the margins of society.

100% Thick Cotton || Machine Washable

Dimensions: 86" x 56"

(Fits fully over a Twin Size Bed; Lays fully across a Queen Size Bed)

Care: Use beautifully. Wash carefully. To prevent shrinking, machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Low spin. Tumble dry on cool setting/delicate cycle. 

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