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1-Day Cleanse and Reset Kit


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I’ve improved my original Green Smoothie. It still has detoxifying greens and a hint of sweetness from berries but now you get to choose whether you want it in chocolate or vanilla. And, I've added whey protein isolate to the hydrolyzed collagen for an improved amino acid and antioxidant profile. 

Also, many of you told me you wanted another warm meal option so I've included a bone broth for lunch.

And probably my favorite improvement is in the Lemon Sips. I supercharged my Lemon Sips with a new melon concentrate called Dimpless™. This all-natural extract has been clinically shown to smooth away cellulite by shrinking fat cells hiding just below the skin. 

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Kit: 

3 Lemon Sips

1 Super Chocolate Smoothie -OR- 1 Super Vanilla Smoothie with Whey + Collagen

1 Bone Broth

1 Super Berry Collagen Smoothie

1 Lemon Chicken Soup

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