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Our Sacred Sex Kit is composed of potent aphrodisiacs and heart-centered herbs, which synergize to create the perfect combination for sexual awakening and bliss. Perfect to share with a partner or to connect to your own sexuality, this delicious assortment of plants will arouse and awaken the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Sacred Sex Kit contains:

Euphoria Elixir*: A combination of some of our favorite Central and South American aphrodisiacs and mood elevators. Combines with the exquisite notes of gogi berries, hibiscus and shizandra berries. Formulated with strong aphrodisiacs, our love elixir can help arouse the spirit and flood the energy body with light. A delicious elixir to share with your beloved, or to simply aid in awakening your heart with joy. 

Euphoria Powder*: This formula is designed to contain some of the most potent aphrodisiacs, mojo boosters, and mood enhancers come from the jungle’s lush terrain. The plants within this formula are known to arouse the spirit, make us feel good and elevated, while containing plants known to nurture our reproductive organs, help curb excess stress, anxiety and soothe overworked nerves.

Rose Body Oil*: Our signature 100% botanical formula dramatically hydrates and beautifies skin. This body oil is infused with hydrating moringa seed oil, adaptogens, nutritive plants and regenerative skin heals, known to boost our collagen and elastin production.  Our luxurious adaptogenic Body oil may protect from oxidative damage in keeping the skin healthy, smooth and looking radiant! The newest edition to our best-selling Collagen Booster line of products!

CBD Pre-Rolls: An exquisite combination of plant allies such as hemp, damiana, blue lotus, and rose synergize to open the heart and encourage feelings of euphoria and bliss. This relaxing and opening smoke contains 100% organic hemp flowers grown  in Oregon.

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