Clarifying Scalp Scrub


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Our Clarifying Scalp Scrub sloughs away flaky dead skin and helps alleviate symptoms of dandruff and psoriasis while rejuvenating the scalp skin with healing shea butter and argan oil.

Independent user trial results over four weeks with 100 women and men found:- 84% agreed that their scalp felt healthier - 79% agreed that their scalp felt cleaner - 83% agreed that their hair and scalp felt free of product build-up- 83% agreed it had a positive effect on the health and condition of their scalp- 84% have made this an essential part of their haircare regime when was the last time you gave your scalp a good going-over? While you might exfoliate other areas with gusto, your scalp tends to be the one left on the sidelines.

But it's probably the area that needs it the most. As with the skin on your face, your scalp has its fair share of dirt and debris. But with your hair covering it, it can easily build up causing irritation and inhibiting hair growth. Imbued with the relaxing scent of sweet orange and rosemary, our Clarifying Scalp Scrub exfoliates away dead skin and debris that cause irritation with biodegradable jojoba beads. It also improves the environment for hair growth with moisturizing and healing shea butter as well as a nourishing argan oil extract. The beads are non-abrasive, but sweep away debris with aplomb. For best results, apply it as part of a relaxing scalp massage (or get a willing partner to oblige). Free from parabens, sulphates and silicones.

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